Renata Zeiguer is a Brooklyn-based musician and singer. Her debut album Old Ghost mixes jazz-tinged art pop, menacing guitar, and dreamy vocals to create a warm and unpredictable listen. Her latest four-track EP Faraway Business embraces a more whimsical lo-fi sound than her debut, featuring two covers and re-recordings of her previous work. Along with preparing her next LP, Zeiguer is currently on tour with jazz/dream pop outfit Men I Trust and emo/indie pop band Turnover.

Performing in LA’s Fonda Theatre last night, Zeiguer and her band began the show with the catchy Kafka-inspired single “Bug.” The packed crowd watched in quiet reverence at the lush and uneasy “Follow Me Down” and “Neck of the Moon,” after which Zeiguer paused to introduce herself and the band to the crowd. Next up were new tracks off her forthcoming record: “Picnic” and “Whack-a-Mole,” which is sure to become a crowd favorite. Zeiguer finished her set with the vulnerable and catchy “Wayside.” 

Check out Renata Zeiguer’s latest EP Faraway Business released via Northern Spy.

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