Following a promising self-titled debut album in 2014, Portland indie band Phosphene released new track “Spiral” today. The dreamy new song is the band’s second single off its forthcoming LP Lotus Eaters, due out independently this June. Composed of Rachel Frankel (vocals, guitar), Matt Hemmerich (drums), and Kevin Kaw (bass), the band worked with sound engineer and music producer Greg Francis to expand sonically, using synthesizers to create a lush and hypnotic atmosphere. The band explains the track: “‘Spiral’ is a song that revealed itself during a dreary winter day at our practice space in Oakland, CA. Weather always has a subconscious effect on our songwriting, and this tune came from that source. Thematically, “Spiral” is about seeking solace and peace during hard times, whether that’s in the form of an escape with someone dear or reconnecting with nature. We aren’t an overtly political band, but this song came about after the 2016 election, so lines like ‘this world run by cartoons’ reflected the state of affairs.”

Listen to “Spiral” below and follow Phosphene on Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp.