Los Angeles alternative pop singer WENS dropped her debut EP Lemoncholy via R&R/Warner Records today. The EP spans six introspective and anthemic sad jams emphasizing WENS’ signature vulnerability as she sings of unrequited love, anxiety and her road to success. The singer also released a new video for the EP’s opening track “Tongue Tied.”

On the track, the singer talks about having to overcome feelings of anxiety and awkwardness. “I got to the studio and met the two producers and was instantly word vomiting a whole bunch of random shit. When I meet new people I either say way too much or can’t get out any words. I kept going into the bathroom to calm myself down and I wrote down in my notes, ‘I’m really bad at first impressions, I never know what to say, cuz I get tongue tied in the brain.’ I came back into the studio and they had started this weird beat that I felt fit my awkwardness perfectly. I didn’t want the song to feel serious so I flipped the idea on its head and made it more about seeing someone you fancy for the first time and wanting to talk to them but not knowing how to. We’ve all been there at some point,” WENS explains.

The lush new track follows the singer’s previously released singles “Beauty Queen,” “Rich and Famous” and “Cinderella.”


  1. Tongue Tied
  2. Beauty Queen
  3. Rich and Famous
  4. Cinderella
  5. After the Party Ends
  6. Forest Fire

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